Termas el Corazón

Turning 70 years of tradition, Termas El Corazón is the fruit of a great family effort and dedication on behalf of the Bianchini Frost family, who with their effort and commitment, created this beautifull place, which is hosted with care and hospitality to make your visit pleasent and an entirely different experience.

Termas El Corazón, is located in a privelleged surrounding, placed at the andean foothills, only 1 hour and a half from Santiago and 1 hour and 45 min from viña del mar in the midst of forests and hiking tracks , it accounts with a perfect micro-climat that allows to enjoy up to 300 days of sun every year.

Since it’s origin, our objective has been to deliver always the best service to our clients, combining in this place the advantages of a modern infrastructure, with the kindness of a personalized family attention.

Termas El Corazón counts with different services for tourists and companies that are looking for a different environment, in contact with nature.

Throughout it’s history Termas El Corazón has always been recognized for it’s great gastronomy, based on typical chilean preparations, italian style pastas and it’s german influenced pastries.

Our spa y one of teh most important in teh area and counts with swimmingpools, jacuzzis, sauna, massage and therapeutical services, all of them focused on delivering great well-being and rest for our clients.

The Bianchini family, since the beginning of Termas El Corazón, has recived it’s guests, from chile and the world, with hospitality, care and familiarity, which makes time spent here very warm and restfull.

© Termas del Corazón 2017, more than 70 years of Hotel experience at your service.