Team Building

Termas el Corazón makes available to companies both its facilities and the organization of Coaching and Team Building dynamics. The activities detailed below were designed to achieve a connection effect among those who are part of the organizations, contributing in aspects such as nurturing the spirit of belonging, developing communication, enhancing leadership traits, among others. To achieve positive effects in the work environment and teamwork.


Recreational activity of stages tests among which stand out: Shooting Paintball, Transfer of the patient, The Tower of Babel, The hung, Tangled, One hundred feet, The puzzle, Lava court, Drag field, Crazy boats, Hoop, Jumping the rope, The goal.


Competences that combine different obstacle disciplines, among which stand out: Scaffolding, Tires, Firefighters, Pools, Bins, Structures, Taxis, Drums, Drag Court, Special Children, among others.

Challenge to guidance

Proof of hiding "treasures" within a certain area for people to find. The important thing is that the "thread" is the orientation and generally win those teams that are able to locate and find points.

Connecting the company and its face

Various tests of coordination, ingenuity and self-portraits that are aimed at identifying collaborators with themselves and their work environment.

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