Termas El Corazón offers salons and event services since 1984, it´s experience of over 30 years providing them, has led many chilean companies to choose us whn planing their activities and events.

Termas El Corazón counts with a business center which was opened in 2002, 7 conference salons, and vip meeting rooms, all equiped with the necessary, state of the art technology, required for the adequate performance of the events.

Rooms Surface People Capacity
Azul 480 m2 300
H. Frost 135 m2 100
San Francisco 128 m2 90
San José 128 m2 90
Bianchini 81 m2 40
Cordillera 60 m2 35
Aconcagua 54 m2 30
Juncal 54 m2 20
Sala vip 6
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